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Volume 5
“In the slipstream or cross-genre sector of speculative fiction, where SF and fantasy rub intimate shoulders with mainstream literary techniques and values, the Polyphony anthologies, edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake and published by the very enterprising Wheatland Press, have become a regular and even dominant institution...amidst the surrealism, magic realism, fabulation and offbeat fantasy, there is even a good bit of good, lucid straight SF.”
- Nick Gevers
Locus Magazine


Single White Farmhouse

by Heather Shaw
The Beauty of the World Has Two Edges
by Iain Rowan
Story Stories: A Suite of Seven Narratives
by Bruce Holland Rogers
Gillian Underground
by Michael Jasper, Tim Pratt, Greg van Eekhout
Habe Ich Meinen Eigenen Tod Geseh'n
by Paul O. Miles
After the Sky Fell
by Rob Vagle
Redundant Sue and the Billy Goat Blue
by Blake Hutchins
The Happy Jumping Woman
by Robin Catesby
The Farmer's Cat
by Jeff VanderMeer
Dusty Wings
by Nancy Jane Moore
Femina Obscura
by Joy Marchand
The Green Wall
by Robert Freeman Wexler
Among the Ruins
by Forrest Aguirre
The Bone Ship
by Scott Thomas
Crystal Vision
by Eric Schaller
Nine Electric Flowers
by Sally Carteret
To-Do List
by Nick Mamatas
The Woman in the Numbers
by M. K. Hobson
The Tongue
by Brendan Connell
The Hottest Night of the Summer
by Richard Wadholm
Dog on a Loose Chain
by Sarah Totton
by John Aegard
Vaudeville's Puppet
by Aynjel Kaye
How Eddie Changed the World
by Bob Urell
The Woman Who Spoke in Parables
by Brian Richard Wade
by Ray Vukcevich
Death Comes for Ervina
by Theodora Goss
by Alexander Lamb
by Jay Caselberg
Nature Mort
by Leslie What
A Love for All Time
by d. g. k. goldberg
Polyphony Volume 5
ISBN: 0-9720547-6-6

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