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The Nine Muses

Edited by Forrest Aguirre and Deborah Layne, this anthology includes new stories from some of today's best women writers along with Elizabeth Hand's provocative essay, “The Beckoning Fair Ones: Some Thoughts About Muses.”

Table of Contents:

The Beckoning Fair Ones:
Some Thoughts About Muses
by Elizabeth Hand

Calliope, The Muse of Epic Poetry
Scraps of Eutopia
by Ruth Nestvold

Clio, The Muse of History
She Who Remembers
by Dianna Rodgers

Euterpe, The Muse of Music
by Catherine Kaspar

Melpomeme, The Muse of Tragedy
Cue the Violins
by Toiya Kristen Finley

The Day After Tomorrow
by Tamar Yellin

Terpsichore, The Muse of Dance
The Eyes of Horus
by Ursula Pflug

Polyhymnia, The Muse of Sacred Poetry
Ask For Her Hand
by Victoria Elizabeth Garcia

Urania, The Muse of Astronomy
by Heather Shaw

Thalia, The Muse of Comedy and Idyllic Poetry
by Kit Reed

The Colors of Tomorrow
by Beth Bernobich

Erato, The Muse of Love Poetry and Mimicry
Without the Dreaming
by Jai Clare

The Teasewater Fire
by Sarah Totton

Meeting M.
by Jessica Treat

The Nine Muses
ISBN: 0-9755903-6-7

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