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The Keyhole Opera
Award-winning author Bruce Holland Rogers lives and writes in Eugene, Oregon, the tie-dye capital of the world. His previous short fiction collections include Flaming Arrows and Thirteen Ways to Water. In 2004, his story “Don Ysidro” won the World Fantasy Award for short fiction.

Since January 2002, for five dollars a year, subscribers in sixty countries have been receiving short-short stories by Bruce Holland Rogers in their email boxes. The stories are an unpredictable mix of literary fiction, science fiction, fairy tales, mysteries, and work that is hard to classify. Many of the stories in The Keyhole Opera began as subscription stories and went on to be published in magazines and anthologies.

“...And then there is the marvel of the short short, the very short story. It offers a glimpse through a keyhole, where even a brief description can be overwhelming, any digression the imposition of an intruder, even the names of characters can be omitted with impunity. The world in a grain of sand...Bruce Holland Rogers writes very good short stories, and he writes brilliant short short stories.”

- Kate Wilhelm
Author of The Price of Silence and Death Qualified

“Bruce Holland Rogers stories are like the glimpses you catch out of the corner of your eye. They are full of the logic of dreams, and the logic of the heart.”

- Maureen F. McHugh
Author of China Mountain Zhang and Nekropolis

“It's hard to write short-shorts with the impact of something longer. Or perhaps that's just my experience as a reader of the form. They tend to be fleeting, here and then gone, the mayflies of fiction -- and who remembers an individual mayfly when it's gone? Rogers' miniatures are meticulously crafted, and every sentence, every word, is loaded with significance. These pieces are still fleeting, but some of the shards stick long after the reading, and you can't ask for much more than that.”

- Keith Brook
Infinity Plus

The Keyhole Opera
ISBN: 0-9755903-7-5

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