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Can't Buy Me Faded Love
"Josh Rountree's writing came down on me like the Assyrian on the fold."
-- Howard Waldrop

Tune in to a Left of the Dial version of the world, where sixties icons wage a war of ideals in their mutual struggle to free America from Nazi oppression; where the Beatles never happened, but John Lennon still claimed a musical destiny; where even the most well-intentioned muse can lead you astray. This is a world of post-apocalyptic record reviewers and misfit musicians fighting against a virtual Hell on earth. This is a world where the ghosts of dead rock stars sing along with us one more time. Can't Buy Me Faded Love collects nine stories of rock & roll and twisted history from Texas writer, Josh Rountree.

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Can't Buy Me Faded Love
ISBN: 978-0-9794054-2-6

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