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Dream Factories and Radio Pictures

Dream Factories and Radio Pictures collects all of Howard Waldrop's film and television stories along with original essays by the author. This collection first appeared as an Ebook from Electric Story in 2001. Wheatland Press is pleased to offer the first print edition here.

The collection includes: Fin de Cycle, Flatfeet!, Occam's Ducks, Der Untergang des Abendlandesmeschen, Save a Place in the Lifeboat For Me, The Passing of the Western, The Effects of Alienation, All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past, French Scenes, Heirs of the Perisphere, Hoover's Men, Mr. Goodber's Show and Major Spacer int he Twenty-First Century.

Dream Factories and Radio Pictures
ISBN: 0-9720547-4-X

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