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american sorrows

"Jay Lake's 'Into the Gardens of Sweet Night,' [is] a quirky meditation on personal freedom and responsibility that follows a cosmos-trotting pug named Wiggles as it leads a young boy on a surreal journey to the supposedly mythical Garden of the title; think William Burroughs meets Men in Black."

-- Publisher's Weekly

"[Lake's] is a mastery of style that permits him to write SF, fantasy and horror with entire conviction in any of their permutations..."

-- Locus Magazine

"Reading Lake one cannot help be reminded of other writers (Smith, Heinlein, Leiber, Asimov etc) and yet, while written in a recognized tradition and wearing their influence lightly, these stories are uniquely his own, dealing with themes that are universal, fashioned with all the skill of a born craftsman and fired with the passion of a true iconoclast."

-- The Third Alternative

Includes Lake's Hugo-nominated novelette, "Into the Gardens of Sweet Night."

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american sorrows
ISBN: 0-9755903-0-8

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